Brush - Black Sandalwood Chattanooga Beard Co.
Brush - Black Sandalwood Chattanooga Beard Co.

Brush - Black Sandalwood Chattanooga Beard Co.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris Kile

The ChurchWarden sent is amazing. The brush is cool can’t really use ATM. Beard has to get a lil longer

M MacLean
A boar brush that doesn’t bore

The bristles are firm without being too scratchy. I’ve had other brushes with equal quality bristles but the real joy is the handle. It looks great snd is easy to grip with the groove. Looks best beside the matching comb and has replaced my other brushes.

Jeff H.
Well built

This brush is solid, the right size to hold in your hand while brushing your beard. The bristles are not overly stiff and do a great job of grooming your beard and distributing oil and balm throughout your beard.

The OG beard brush

This brush is well made. The wood is smooth and solid. The bristles are still but not too stiff and do a great job when pulling through your beard. If you need a beard brush in your kit, this is the one to have.


I have used 2 of Chattanooga Beard Co brushes. They are well crafted and will last. I have 2 only bc I like to keep a spare. They'll last and not hard to clean. I still have my original brush and it still untangles and promotes blood flow in my beard. Add a oil and balm and you'll be stylin'