<h2>Tips for Growing a Beard</h2>

Tips for Growing a Beard

You know what our BIGGEST tip for growing a beard is? We’ll go ahead and tell you, right now - STOP shaving! You are not going to grow a beard if you continue to shave, it is just not possible.

Here’s the deal, we say that jokingly but we also mean it. If growing a beard is something you really want to do, there is a phase you'll reach and it's the awkward length, itchy, dry phase. At this point your beard is not quite long enough to be “big” but it really isn’t short enough to look like a nice five o’clock shadow either. You may think: “Oh I look homeless” and then you shave it. If you give up every time you hit that point, congratulations you will never have a beard. So, stick with it. You have got to push through!

Chattanooga Beard Co. won’t give up on you, so do not give up on yourself!

Tips for Growing a Beard

The Benefit of a Beard: 

  • A beard is the quickest way to cover up a double chin.
  • A beard can also lengthen your face – ex: if you’ve got a rounder face, if you grow a beard and keep it tight to your face shape and then down, it really elongates your face.
  • A beard can hide a recessed chin.
  • A beard can bring on a new confidence.


Most people give up on their beard because they can't stand the itch. Sure, scratch it when it itches, but Beard Oil was designed to help with the itch specifically. There is a common misconception that Beard Oil is for your beard, it's actually for the skin! Beard Oil has a special applicator designed to reach down into the beard and to the skin to help apply the moisturizing oil. When applying, really work the oil into the skin under your beard. Beard Oil helps restore the natural oils that are stripped away from the skin after washing it. Having healthy, moisturized skin makes it an optimal environment for your beard to grow.

Beard Trim


Struggling with the look of your beard? Find a professional barber to teach you the best way to maintain your beard and keep it looking nice.

Beard Oil

Why Should I Choose a Chattanooga Beard Co. Beard Oil?

We believe we have the best smelling oils on the market and they are made with just TWO simple ingredients – that is hard to find. Our products were designed by a Master Barber, created with natural ingredients, and come in 10 fantastic scents!

So, if you are considering growing a beard, get you some Beard Oil. You deserve it. Your skin deserves it. Your current/future beard deserves it. Get a Chattanooga Beard and grab some Beard Oil and watch that annoying beard itch go!