<h2>The Perfect Gift Ideas for Bearded Men</h2>

The Perfect Gift Ideas for Bearded Men


Guys, we get it – simplicity is your thing. But when it comes to holiday shopping, it can be a real puzzle. That's why we've crafted a practical beard guide just for you, designed to make your season a breeze. Inside, we've spotlighted the products our customers can't get enough of. So go ahead, drop those hints and make your holiday wishlist epic!

1. Beard Oils & Balms

Let's start with the basics. Our beard oils and balms are just the right size to fit in a stocking. These little wonders are packed with all the good stuff your beard needs, minus the harsh chemicals. The beard oil can smooth and scent even the roughest beards, especially during chilly winters.


Really like how it smells also like how it makes my beard soft. It keeps moisture in it, so it doesn't dry out. Will definitely buy again.” – Kim B.


Really enjoy the consistency of the balm. It melts nicely when rubbed into my palms and spreads consistently in my beard with ease.” – Mike T.

2. Beard Kits

Whether your new in the world of beard care or a seasoned pro, our beard kits have you covered. With various scents to choose from, you can pick your favorite.

  • The Recruit Beard Kit is perfect for the busy guy on the go, including beard & body wash and beard oil.
  • The Survival Beard Kit is equipped with beard oil, beard balm, and beard wash, making any beard look fantastic.

  • For the bearded legend in your life, the Essential Beard Kit has it all, including a brush and comb.


 Best I’ve ever used on my beard.” – Jerry H.


Love these products. Leaves beard very soft and clean. Also love the scent options they offer” – Jeremy S.


3. Scents for Every Mood

Not all beards are the same, and not all men want the same scent. We've got 12 unique fragrances (we also have an unscented option for sensitive skin) to match your mood.

  • Vesper: A nice pop of bourbon, jasmine and orange, perfect for the season.

  • Beggars & Thieves: Infused with classic scents of chocolate, coffee and honey. 

  • Clean Slate: Crisp scents of bergamot, lime, jasmine and orange.

  • Churchwarden: A scent of pipe tobacco and cherries for the nostalgic storyteller.

Conquer Your Holiday Shopping

At Chattanooga Beard Co., we're all about conquering life, one beard at a time. We're here to make your holiday shopping stress-free. Feel free to reach out via chat if you need help choosing the perfect gift.

Already know what you want? Check out our beard kits, stocking stuffers, and apparel to make this holiday season epic!