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Beard Tips & Tricks

How Much Product Does My Beard Need?

by Chattanooga Beard Co. 10 Feb 2023


New to facial hair care? If you’ve never treated your beard to the luxurious feeling of beard oils or beard balms, the first few times can feel a little strange. 

Because sometimes it seems like self-care is just for the beardless. But we believe that even the most rugged of mountain men do everything they can to take care of
themselves – and their beards. 

The good news is that, just like your beard’s style and length, the amount of product you use is really up to you. Below are some rough guidelines to follow, but don’t be afraid to experiment and find what’s right for you – it is YOUR beard, after all. 

How much beard oil should I use? 

First, remember that beard oil isn’t oil for your beard: it’s actually oil for the sensitive skin underneath your beard. Packed with essential oils, this product transforms your follicles and your facial hair from thirsty to thankful. 

With this in mind, make sure you use enough oil to penetrate deep into your beard and soothe any dry skin. Most folks find about 5 drops enough for this – but your beard isn’t like any other beard out there! Start with 3 drops and work your way up to discover what feels best (and for optimal results, rub it in right after you hop out of the shower). 

How much beard balm should I use? 

Just like beard oil, there’s no one right way to apply beard balm. Since the balm serves as a conditioner and smoothes individual hairs (taming that beard into any style you desire), you’ll want to use enough to texturize your beard without weighing it down. 

If you’re a beard balm newbie, apply a small dollop to the tip of your finger. Rub it into your hands until it softens, then run your fingers through your beard like a lover until it’s absorbed. 

How do I know how much product to use? 

No two beards are created equal – which is why the amounts suggested above are rough guidelines, not rules. 

When we break it down hair-by-hair, there are actually a few factors that decide how much product you should use in your beard: 

Length. A longer beard will naturally require more product. Plus, if you’ve been growing out your beard for months (rock on!), it might be thirstier than a fresh growth of stubble. 

Hair texture. Some men’s beards are naturally stiff and wiry, while others are more soft and wavy. Certain hair types might only need a touch of moisture, while other beards ask for a heavy hand. 

Personal preference. The most important factor of all! Your beard is part of you, and you should use whatever products give you the most pride. Whether you make your final choice based on look, feel, or scent (or all 3) the right combination of oil and balm will bring out your best beard every day. 

Is there such a thing as too much product? 

When you’re not used to something, it’s natural to worry about overdoing it. To start, a little dab will do ya. Less is more when you’re using beard oil or beard balm for the first time – and after a few applications, you’ll learn what your facial hair needs. 

Since it’s all about personal preference, you don’t need to stress about applying too much product. Just be careful you don’t use so much that your beard feels heavy or wet. 

Your beard deserves the best – and so do you

Your beard is a part of you. Man-to-man, we’re asking you: don’t you think it’s time to start giving it the care it deserves? 

When used together, beard balm and beard oil promote hydrated skin and a lengthy, healthy beard. And once you discover the perfect style (and smell) for your face, you can use as much or as little product as you want to create the beard of your dreams. 

Shop our selection of all-natural products created right here in the US. Stock up now to save money (and your beard) for months to come.


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