<h2>Summer Beard Tips to Help Keep You Cool</h2>

Summer Beard Tips to Help Keep You Cool

Summertime is hot and humid, but you still love being outdoors if you’re like us. Riding, fishing, backpacking, and boating, are all a regular part of our summer! But, no matter where you live, summertime activities can cause dirt to build up in your beard, which doesn’t go well with SWEAT!

Hot weather is around the corner – but DON’T reach for your razor! Instead, we’ve put together a few reasons you should keep your beard this summer.

Benefits to having a beard in the summer:

A beard protects your face from harmful UV rays, blocking the rays from reaching the skin under your beard; however, we suggest a good SPF for maximum protection. A beard also provides shade for your face and neck. Shaving can cause your skin to lose moisture. A beard helps hold in natural oils produced by our skin; it helps keep your beard and skin soft.

Summer Beard Tips

  • Keep it clean: A clean beard is necessary, especially in the hotter months.
  • Hydrate: It is essential to hydrate your body and beard in the summer to prevent beard itching. We suggest using Chattanooga Beard Co. Beard Oil to moisturize your beard and skin. We have listed a couple of scents below.

Cool Chattanooga Beard Co. Scents:

After a good wash, try one of our Beard Oils with a bottle of Sir Beard & Body Wash! Saint is an incredible, refreshing peppermint scent. Our other favorite summer scent is Hot Off the Press. Hot Off the Press is a spicy scent of bergamot splashed with lime, a touch of jasmine, oranges, and the coolness of eucalyptus for masculine and refreshing beard oil! Peppermint and eucalyptus are natural cooling agents – it’s like taking a deep breath after mouthwash when the wind blows through your beard.