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Beard Tips & Tricks

There’s A New Scent In Town

by Chattanooga Beard Co. 10 Jan 2023


We have exciting news, bearded brothers! We’ve just dropped a fresh, new scent. Straight from the mind of our master perfumer, it's the perfect harmony of spiced wood, lime, and jasmine topped off with notes of bourbon, orange, and eucalyptus. Yeah, the guy’s outdone himself again!  

 Introducing . . . Vesper. The mysterious and masculine scent for a VIP beard experience.

 Let’s set the scene: You’re dressed up in your sharpest clothes (and have never felt or looked so good!).

 You head out to the hottest and swankiest venue in town – and the velvet rope is immediately pulled to the side. You’re ushered in and offered a glass of aromatic bourbon. 

 As you sip your drink, you close your eyes and soak in the ambiance around you. 

 Sound like a dream night out? That’s the feeling we bottled in Vesper.

 Close to cologne

 You know that luxurious, tantalizing smell of cologne? The subtle, mysterious aroma that makes people want to lean in close while talking to you? 

 That’s what we’re channeling in the Vesper scent. No one will be able to resist taking a whiff – and maybe even brushing up against your soft mane. 

 Vivid and vibrant

 Who doesn’t want their beard to smell amazing? The Vesper fragrance is made with an enticing combination of spiced wood, bergamot, and lime. The slight smokiness pairs perfectly with a night in a swanky establishment. 

 And with notes of bourbon, jasmine, orange, and eucalyptus, you’re offering up the sweet and the savory to anyone who gets close enough to notice. 

 The benefits for your beard (and your face)

 Whether you choose the Vesper scent for your beard balm or your beard oil (or both), it’s not just about how good it smells.

 Our products also help you achieve healthy, glowing skin and a happy, growing beard. 

 Beard oil treats the sensitive skin under your beard, soothing dryness and the dreaded beard itch. Moisturated follicles are happy follicles – which means applying oil can help your beard grow stronger and thicker. 

 Similarly, beard balm acts as a conditioner for your beard and protects your hair from damaging elements. It also makes it easy to tame your man without weighing it down – and without leaving a residue that causes sticky fingers. 

 Taking care of your facial hair

 Proper beard maintenance isn’t just about applying products. It involves healthy and hygienic habits, like washing your face regularly – but not too regularly. Overwashing can strip away your skin’s natural oils. 

 Similarly, shaving too often is the worst thing you can do for your beard (duh!). Whenever you can, stick to trimming or styling those locks . . . not lopping them off. 

 Staying scent-sensitive

 When you look good, it’s only natural to want to smell good. Just be sure to take good care of your sniffer (and the sniffers of everyone around you) by being scent-sensitive. 

 Our products are made of all-natural ingredients that are soft and subtle – not harsh or perfumed. 

 If you’re new to beard products, start by applying two drops of oil or a small dollop of balm to your face mane and the skin underneath. In no time, you’ll know exactly how much to use to achieve the perfect style and scent. 

 Engage your senses with this enticing new scent

 Ready to channel your inner James Bond and go full Vesper? This swanky, soft scent is sure to make you feel at the top of your game. 

 And no worries if you’re not quite the suited, suave type. All our products come in more than 10 scents to suit your personality and your mood. From a refreshing peppermint to smoky sandalwood, from cedar & leather to coffee & honey, you’re sure to find the perfect combination that sparks your senses and excites your sniffer. 

 Add a touch of luxury to your life with the new Vesper fragrance (or experiment with one of our other tempting scents) 

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