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What Could Balm Do For Your Beard?

by Chattanooga Beard Co. 03 May 2023


You look GREAT with a beard. But do you FEEL great? 

Maybe your face is dry and itchy all year round. Maybe no matter how you style your facial hair, it refuses to stay put. Or maybe you just need a better way to manage that beard – withOUT coating it in products that feel sticky, stiff, or downright annoying. 

Enter the beloved beard balm: the super-soothing, tangle-taming product that keeps your beard healthy AND presentable. (Even your mama will approve!) 

What is beard balm? 

We like to think of beard balm as a conditioner for your beard. Unlike beard oil, it has a firmer texture that melts in your hands and can be applied to your beard and the skin underneath. 

Beard balm helps lock in moisture and it protects your beard and your face. It also
makes your beard easier to style – even if you’re going for an “I woke up like this” kind of look. 

Common misperceptions about beard balm

A lot of men assume that beard balm will make their beard crunchy or sticky. This
couldn’t be further from the truth! As a conditioning and moisturizing product, beard balm offers beneficial protection that actually makes your beard softer. 

Beard balm tames flyaways without sacrificing that smooth, natural touch. Your hands (or the hands of someone special) will never tangle or come away with a greasy residue. 

How do I use beard balm? 

Every time you shower or wash your face, you’re washing away your skin’s natural oils. These oils are essential for hydrated skin – and a healthy face is the foundation of a healthy, growing beard. 

Beard balm replenishes these oils and provides natural moisture to your beard. To
soften your beard, apply a small amount of balm to your hands every morning. Rub the balm through your beard until it has absorbed into the hair and the skin beneath. 

Benefits of beard balm 

Our beard balms are made of a soft, hydrating combination of essential oils and other natural ingredients. Each plays an important role in keeping your beard healthy (and maintaining your manliness). 

Coconut oil. This ingredient penetrates deep into your hair follicles to stimulate growth. It moisturizes, softens, and strengthens hair – and has even been said to fight split ends. While beard balm is not a sunscreen, it can help you grow a lush beard that protects your skin against UV rays and other environmental harms. 

Shea butter. Men and women alike have been benefiting from shea butter’s many
amazing qualities for centuries. Its vitamins and fatty acids can balance your skin’s oils, help promote healthy skin growth, and may even reduce the appearance of fine lines. The result? A beard that looks and feels amazing. 

Lanolin. Do you struggle with particularly dry, cracked skin? (No shame – it’s bound to happen when you work as hard as you do!) Lanolin’s conditioning properties soothe dry skin and help thirsty beards retain moisture. 

Beeswax. This natural ingredient locks in moisture and makes it easy to style your
mane. It smoothes, straightens, and seals split ends – all while maintaining a buttery soft feel. Beeswax is our secret weapon for combatting the dreaded beard itch AND the most stubborn-to-style facial hair. 

Balm up your beard

Our beards show the world who we are – and we take pride in them. Put your best face forward with a soft, healthy beard that’s simple to grow and style. 
All of our beard products are made in the US with natural, cruelty-free ingredients. Plus, you’ll smell amazing with your choice of 10 scents, expertly crafted by a master perfumer! 

Check out our best-selling beard balm here. 

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