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Beard Tips & Tricks

Why Manly Men Use Beard Oil

by Chattanooga Beard Co. 09 Nov 2022

Close-cut or full-coverage. Big and bushy or small and sleek. No matter what length or style you prefer, there’s no denying that beards are IN. 


But you know what’s not in? Beard itch. Because there’s nothing worse than trying to grow out an epic beard only to shave it off (and start from scratch!) because you Just. Can’t. Stand. It. 


We believe that the manliest men take care of themselves – and their beards. (But don’t worry: we’re not saying you need to start a 10-step skincare routine!) 


When it comes to rocking your best beard AND feeling like your best self, nothing beats beard oil. 


What is beard oil exactly? 


You might be thinking that beard oil is, well . . . oil for your beard. But that’s actually a common misconception!


In fact, beard oil is a moisturizer for the sensitive skin under your beard


Every time you shower or wash your face, you’re stripping your skin’s natural oils. And if you don’t replenish those oils, you get that dry, itchy feeling – especially in the colder months. 


Beard oil nourishes your hair follicles, strengthens existing hair, and makes it easier for your beard to grow. It also refreshes and restores the health of your skin. 


How do I use beard oil? 


We have good news for even the busiest man: keeping your beard healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. 


Our beard oil comes with a special applicator designed to reach into your beard and soothe the skin underneath. After hopping out of the shower, simply work a few drops of oil into your skin. 


That’s all there is to it – except, of course, fending off anyone who wants to snuggle against your super-soft beard. (You’re welcome!) 


What are the benefits of beard oil?  


The secret to a luscious beard is simple: essential oils. 


Our beard oil contains natural oils that heal damaged hair and promote growth. These oils soften brittle and wiry hairs, making them silkier, less likely to break, AND easier to tame. 


Ingredients like grape seed, jojoba, and castor moisturize your hair and your skin, putting an end to flaking, dryness, and the dreaded beard itch. 


The benefits don’t stop there. Beard oil also smells amazing (and what man doesn’t want a scent that gets people to lean in?). Just a few moments in the morning will keep your beard feeling soft and smelling fresh all day. 


Who should use beard oil? 


You might think beard oil is only for gentlemen with exceptionally long or bristly beards. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. 


If you’re growing ANY hair on your face, you should be using beard oil. Just think about it. Whether you’re stubbly, Santa-bearded, or anything in between, you can suffer from dry skin – especially if you work up a sweat at the gym or on the job every day. 


Moisturizing your face and skin is the best way to promote healthy beard growth. Beard oil is THE solution, no matter how long your beard is. #beardsforall 


How else can I keep my beard healthy? 


Beard oil isn’t the only way to grow a healthy, hearty beard. Eating and sleeping well, limiting how often you shave and wash your face, and experimenting with other products such as beard balm  can also make a huge difference for your face follicles. 


Treat your beard to some TLC


You work hard. You play hard. And you grow that beard hard. Don’t you think it’s time to give it the care it deserves (and keep it long and healthy for the days ahead?). 


Grow the beard of your dreams and end the itch of your nightmares. Shop our selection of vegan, paraben-free oils (and discover 10 irresistible scents). >> 




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